DQM/CRM deduplicates contact, accounts and leads details in your CRM system, and provides address reference lookup for contact address. When DQM/CRM is installed into your CRM system, dedupe and address lookup function is available at the desktop. This ensure data duplicates and address quality is managed at the point of data entry. DQM/CRM can be set up to conduct periodic checks against your CRM system, providing alerts and warning for potential duplicates. With DQM, you can be confident that your customer information is always correct and duplicate free.

The quality of your enterprise data is a key determinate of success for your organisation. High quality, consistent, valid enterprise data improve business productivity, enhance customer service, streamlines operational processes, and INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE PROFIT.

Data Quality Manager (DQM) is a data integration application that provides Data Profiling, Data Cleansing & Matching and Management Dashboard functionalities. You can conduct data investigations, profiling and measure gaps against specified business rules.